Upstairs floor

The plan had been to lay parquet floor upstairs too, as we had loads of it, but unfortunately it wasn't quite right.

For a start it cost us a lot more (money and time) to adhere, sand and varnish the downstairs floors than we had projected.

Secondly it would be an absolute pain to take up again should anything need rewiring/replumbing. So we decided to go with laminate.

Well actually we were donated some laminate.

It's really nice though. Here's the close up:

You can't really see how deep the colour is, but it's lush.

I should probably wait until we've laid it all and show you the photos, but here is the beginning.

I know it's dark, but that's the hallway going through to the smallest bedroom.

It's got a gorgeous, almost red, sheen to it, and it's textured so it looks like proper wood (as oppose to the laminate that it really is).

It is going down really fast, thanks to the expertise of our friend Richard (who also donated half of it from his rental property).

Can't believe how easy this is compared to the parquet...

- Kj
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